About Therapy

Counselling/Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to talk confidentially in a safe space to a qualified practitioner who is trained to listen to you attentively and who will understand and accept you without judgement.

There are many reasons why people choose to begin therapy. Sometimes they may not be aware of what is bothering them but have a feeling that things just aren't right, often times, someone may be feeling quite desperate.

Alternatively they are clear about their reasons for wanting to begin therapy, for example they may have relationship problems, depression, work stress, may have lost a loved one or have been the victim of abuse.

As an Integrative Counsellor I draw on different approaches to ensure that the counselling you receive is as individual as you are.

How therapy can help

  • Therapy allows a time and space which is just for you
  • It can help you talk in a way that you can't often do with family or friends
  • It can help you feel less isolated and allow you  to make sense of things
  • It can help you make positive changes
  • Therapy can help to increase your confidence and self esteem